Encouragement is our secret!

I frequently have parents ask me how my Team and I will examine their child successfully. Parents are concerned how their child will behave and if we will judge them accordingly.

My Team and I have worked hard to create an atmosphere of confidence and support.  By this I mean we believe in our young patient’s courage, strength and ability no matter their age or development.  We liberate children from specific expectations and free them from the fear of making mistakes by encouraging them to act naturally. This cheering environment goes a long way to putting parents at ease, because often it is the parents whom are even more concerned than their child about our expectations.

Children acquire knowledge the same as adults and that requires the ability to try new situations. Parents understand this and that is why they are willing to work with us by providing their child with the encouragement and the assistance to successfully complete a dental examination.

No matter how a child reacts we will complete the examination using encouragement. Over time, our young patient’s come to feel involved in a cooperative atmosphere, one in which we all work towards optimizing their overall health together.  We believe that encouragement leads to cooperation which in turn leads to responsibility and a sense of belonging; a feeling of belonging further enhances a child’s courage to participate and contribute in their own health and wellness.

We believe that letting children know that we believe in them is the most heartening thing we can do and that is why we never bribe children because it stripes them of their credibility and robs them of being a part of a Team.

Please visit our website to learn more about the assistance a parent can provide to help us complete an oral health exam successfully, in particular, the Knee-to-Knee Position section.

The above proprietary information of Molly Gunsaulis, DDS Dentistry for Children, PS may be copied if credit is given to Dr. Molly Gunsaulis as the source.  Thank you.


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